Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we're going to get there

It's great to see mum doing so well. Earlier this afternoon (within hours of her surgery), she was already suggesting that it was time to wrap up the blog since "it's benign, it's out, it's done now." She was also very insistent that she doesn't "want to be a malingerer," and kept apologizing for asking us to "wait on her hand and foot," which included such arduous tasks as passing her a glass of water and looking at the back of her head to make sure it was safe for her to scratch her itchy spots.

She was incredibly talkative for most of the afternoon, greatly enjoyed the sunshine, and finally got sleepy on towards evening. ("If I fall asleep, it's not because you're boring....")

Things have predictably gone downhill a bit as the anesthetic wears off and the pain kicks in. Oddly enough, after 11 mg of morphine, she's not quite so chatty.

I'm guessing that tomorrow will likely be harder than today, but then, that doesn't take much. I never imagined that the surgery could go so well and that she could be so much herself immediately afterward. Today could not have gone better. She's clearly still in there, very much herself, alive and kicking. We probably won't see so much Tina while the large quantities of morphine last, and I'm pretty happy about that; I don't really want her to fully suffer through all of this.

So, let us hope for good drugs and not too much alertness on her part for a bit here. Rest assured, she will be back.

I can't thank you all enough for your caring and support, though I will certainly try again after I've had a little sleep. It clearly meant an incredible amount to her as well (before the morphine, anyway!).

More news tomorrow. For now, good night!

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