Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One-week mark and Crabby

Could I just indulge myself and complain for a moment or two if I get over it really quickly? I am working at being graceful about how helpless I feel in so many ways, but is it still OK to hate it? I do fully understand that, one week ago today, I was coming out of anesthesia for major brain surgery. I have nothing to complain about. Still, given my druthers, I like to be the one helping people, not the other way around. And so many people with lots on their own plates are distorting their lives for me. (Please, let me also acknowledge they are doing it happily and sweetly and lovingly and I really, really appreciate everything everyone is doing. People could not be kinder or nicer than they are being. We are so fortunate to know so many truly fine human beings. It’s humbling, actually.) Since this looks like it's going to be a long slog, the sooner I get graceful about this, the better off we're all going to be. I get this. Really, I'm trying to be diligent about it. I am not afraid of hard work, and I suppose in my puritan soul I think that if I hate the task, it’s all the better for me, so at least this situation has virtue on its side. Now, back to our regularly scheduled plans to heal and recover. I’m certain this moment calls for the powerful chocolate sauce waiting in the refrigerator. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Tina!! This is so you. Don't apologize for griping!! I think you should/could gripe more and everyone would be happy about it. We (or at least I) worry that you take on so much and try to be so strong and it's just ... I don't know, it's okay to be human, which means scared/frustrated/crabby and even *gasp* LAZY!!!!!. I am a big fan of lazy, especially after brain surgery!! Stop grading papers, go eat chocolate!!
    Deb A.