Wednesday, September 10, 2008

status update: surgical prep

So far this morning, things have gone pretty smoothly. We got her checked in, took pictures of the MRI guides they stuck on her head, and talked to a very helpful and kind nurse for a bit while mum was off having her pre-op MRI. Then they brought her back to us for a few minutes; mum reports that the MRI went well and she even dozed off for a bit.

The surgical nurse just wheeled her off. They expect to have her in for prep for about an hour before they begin the surgery itself, and the current estimate is that she'll be in the O.R. for 330 minutes (5.5 hours). Papa and I are in the family waiting lounge, where they will bring us news when surgery actually begins and then updates every 1-1.5 hours throughout. We'll give updates as we have news.

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