Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Instrumented Tina ready for MRI

These pictures are from about 7:20 this morning after the surgeon had applied the "fiducials" to Tina's head (10, I think) prior to the pre-op MRI scan. These are used as benchmarks for the surgery that allow for 3-d mapping with the MRI scan data. The data gathered are used to help control the depth and location of instruments during the actual procedure...and we all want that done accurately. The MRI took about 45 minutes.

She was informed by the surgeon that she will come out with a permanent titanium plate that is non-magnetic and will allow follow-on MRIs and should not trigger most airport screening machines. Tina will certainly put that later assertion to the test!

As you can see, Tina was in high spirits and joshing with the hospital staff despite the daunting experience ahead of her. As she does in so many settings, our Tina made friends with all the staff along the way and lightened everyone's load.

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