Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tina is home and resting!

Tina this afternoon as we were getting ready for her discharge.

Tina is at last home and resting in her own bed! The saga is far from over, but this is a big milestone. As you can see, she still has swelling and bruising, but it has not been increasing today. Just 3 days out of surgery, that is better than we hoped as we have been told that the max swelling would likely be 4 - 5 days out. Her progress has been little short of remarkable to us, though T wants everyone to know she has a long way to go.

She will be on steroids for another week, and the surgeon says they tend to distort the cornea which accounts for some of her trouble focusing and reading. He also attributes her improved taste enjoyment to the same drug. This effect is described as "increased appetite", but Tina is experiencing it as such a great enjoyment of tastes that she really WANTS to eat more.

T is definitely regaining some of her strength. She was able to get up the stairs here at home with a minimum of help and could probably have managed on her own. However, we don't want to take chances. Her right shoulder is quite weak and we have been warned to be careful to avoid stressing it at this point as that could cause longer term damage. So a fall would be a really bad idea.

Her conversation is coming along well, but she still has a sense that her cognitive skills are not back to normal. Her inability to read easily is a real concern for her. We will have to see in time how much of that is vision issues from the steroids and how much is going to require further healing.

She is delighted to be home and she feels truly blessed to have had the medical support to help her physically and the moral support of so many good friends to help her spirits. A huge "Thank You!" to all and we will keep you updated on her progress.


  1. Great to know you're back at home, Tina. You are certainly in good hands there.

    Wishing you continued miraculous progress,


  2. Get well soon Tina. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Anthony Walesby

  3. This is fabulous news!! We couldn't be more delighted. We will all sleep better tonight knowing that she is home where she belongs.

    Our love to you all,

  4. Wishing you a peaceful, restful, pain-free night.

    Kathy and Peter

  5. Hey, all, wow--what a day!! Charlie had trouble seeing while on steroids, so hope yours is temporary, too. Good time for someone else to do the reading.
    Love you, love you,
    Be gentle!

  6. It is one incredible shock to stumble into The Saga after being oblivious to the run-up, surgery, and initial recovery. otoh, it sounds like TG is once again herself, which is terrific. Prediction: preventing over-reaching too soon is going to be A Challenge. I hope that challenge is the greatest remaining obstacle.


  7. Yay!!!! I agree with AS-- once an over-achiever, always an over-achiever. Tina, use your considerable over-achieving skills to over-achieve at rest and relaxation! I'm so happy and thankful to hear that you're home and doing so well. Continuing to send you positive thoughts, juju and love, Lisa

  8. Wonderful to know you are home where you can get some uninterrupted rest. I'm thinking Thai food might be up next for dinner? Lots of love coming your way.


  9. Happy to see that you are continuing to improve. Be patient with yourself if you can. I know that can sometimes be hard!


  10. Eat lots of desserts, and add wine when the drug cocktail allows. We will toast at dinner tonight, thinking about all of you at home and cosy in this rain!
    Anne D

  11. Delighted to see that you are home and resting. Loved the sheet story, especially since I know how important organized sheets are to you. Sorry to have been somewhat remiss in sending "thinking of you notes." It is not that you are not constantly on my mind. I have been trying to send good vibes your way. Other home matters have interfered with sending more visual good wishes.

    Continue to rest and get better.

    More positive vibes heading your way.