Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another night in the ICU

We are having a quiet moment here in a room that is inside the barrier door to the surgical ICU but which is not part of the big open circle of rooms around the central nursing stations.  It is probably quieter than even a private room on a "regular" floor.  Tina had a hankering for Little Porgie's for dinner ("Incredibly good 'cus we cook on wood" for you out of towners.)  T was able to handle ribs just fine with a combination of her gimpy right arm and her good left arm that has tubes hanging off it.  That was followed by some lovely chocolate covered pineapple and apple slices.  Shea and Kearney are headed to Jarlings for some dessert to top if off.

T is still amazed at how different it feels for her to think and speak.  Her voice is clear and she doesn't catch on words as much as before the surgery.

She is still oozing from much of the suture line on her scalp, but the surgeon seems unconcerned and says it looks good.  She still has the morphine pump available, but has been trying to get along without using it.  She is getting by for now with a pain pill every 4 hours and they have taken out the large arterial IV.  She still has a smaller one into the back of her left hand.

T was up and sitting in a chair for a good while this afternoon and also was up and standing with the physical therapist.  Reading is not yet something she is able to do for very long at a time.  She has looked at some of the posts here and can even manipulate the keyboard enough to advance down the page, but she is not really able to type yet.

Her spirits remain high and she has received lots of loving and attentive care from Kearney and Anna Shea today.  We are very lucky to have them here and helping.


  1. Sure appreciate the regular updates, thank you, thank you! Will there be any Jarlings coming back for Tina? I can almost taste it from here!

    Sending good thoughts your way,

  2. Thanks Michael for the updates. It has been nice to check in on your updates throughout the day.
    Give my love to Tina for her continued good fight in her recovery.
    Wishing you both a peaceful night.

  3. Love and peace to you all.
    Keep up the good fight.

  4. Thanks Michael for these jottings. I read them eagerly--you and Tina have created such a strong family and I am sure Anna Shea and Kearney are learning much from and about their mother through this adventure.

    With love to Tina and a gentle reminder to you, Michael, to take care of yourself, too!

    Good night to all.

  5. Up hill, down hill, and up again. We are following the path as it comes to you. We admire your courage and love you all. Thinking of you all through out the day and rooting for a calm and rewarding recovery. Good sleep and dreams tonight!


    Ann & Tony

  6. I echo Lynette's comment. Thank you so much for the regular updates. They are not only informative but entertaining. I think this family has a book in it. You all experienced from a different perspective, patient, daughter, husband and throw a friend or two in and it could be a best seller. "Stoke of Insight" is which I read and found very good. Just a thought for the future. Anyway, off to Michigan so will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. So glad to hear that Tina's been sitting up and even able to do a little bit of therapy! That's great! Here's hoping that each day continues to be better for all of you. You're all quite remarkable. Sending positive, healing thoughts your way...Donna J.

  8. Michael, Shea and Kearney - thanks so much for the updates. I have a perfect image of Tina in my mind and how she is dealing with this recovery phase.....could someone make this go a bit faster please?! Give her my love and a hug.

  9. Thanks, Michael. I have great faith in Tina's resilience. This is going to take a while, but I know she will bounce back better than ever. She is very lucky to have you, K and AS. Hang in there.