Friday, September 12, 2008

A "locavore" dinner and planning the exit

The four of us have just finished up a locavore dinner in Tina's room and begun going over all the questions we have and planning we need to do if we get the OK for her to go home tomorrow.

Dinner was a bit backwards...dessert first from Jarling's...Tina had her favorite coffee chocolate chip snowstorm. Then the main course of U of I flank steak with farmers' market potatoes, green beans, and sweet corn. We are all speculating now whether her extreme enjoyment of the food is an indication that her taste enjoyment was among the many things the interloper had depressed. She is enjoying her food with real it the tumor being gone, the steroids or the joy of feeling more whole again? Another question for the doc that he may not be able to answer...

Along with all that gusto, we note that Tina managed to work her right arm well enough that she needed no help from us in eating once we got the plate in front of her. "I'm not an invalid" she exclaimed! [NB: this was said in excitement and Tina doesn't want anyone to think she doesn't have a lot of ground to make up still.]

And by now we have well over two pages of questions to ask before checking out of here. Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

More as we know it, and thanks for listening!


  1. I am thrilled at the continued good news. Personsally, I would skip the questions if it got you home faster.

  2. I vote with the previous voter..Let's just go home!
    Good work gang!


  3. Looking forward to the great scenario of your homecoming. Am already imagining you sitting in the sun room, laughing and relaxing with the whole family.

    Am sure Anna Shea, Kearney, and Michael are a very efficient support staff and will become even more indispensable when you get home.

    Hoping you all take some time to just sit in the nest and enjoy life.

    Ann M