Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three important post-scripts for Thursday

Happy birthday to my younger sister! We in Illinois send you wishes for a great day.

Our thoughts are with P in surgery today. Hope it's over soon and you're home before you know it.

Also, we thought we'd share some official news forwarded to me by a friend who has known me since I was twelve years old. We've found it most informative and helpful:

'Tina – I just checked my Brain Tumor Removal Recovery Guidelines. In the index, “Crabby” appears on pages 7, 12, 62 and 139, so I think it will reappear again. Anyway, I think on day seven you are allowed actually three minutes of being crabby, not just two."

I'll use my extra minute today right before going out to sit in the sun. Thanks again.

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  1. September and October are the two most glorious months in Illinois. I am happy for you that you can let the sun shine on your face and breathe in the fresh autumnal air of Urbana.