Thursday, September 11, 2008

A rocky night

Tina had some problems in the night and her surgeon came in at 3 AM to check on her. The good news is that the itching and pain are apparently now under better control. The bad news is that she is having trouble moving her right arm. It is the latter that brought the surgeon in during the night. He was back already this morning to check on her (when does this guy sleep?) and I got a chance to speak with him on the phone.

It is common with removal of a tumor of this size to have "neurological issues" as the brain shifts in re-occupying the void left from the tumor. While effects from swelling, etc. over the next 48 hours or so are certainly disquieting, they are not yet cause for alarm. What the surgeon is looking for at this point is a stabilization of the neurological issues (i.e. an end to new problems cropping up and no worsening of the arm control). That will be the criterion for releasing her from the ICU, as her vital signs have been excellent throughout. If she remains stable, she could be moved this afternoon.

Alas, the ICU is off limits to visitors until noon, so we probably will not be able to see her this morning to be able to give a first hand account. The nurse last night was pretty relaxed about letting us stay through the 7-9 PM blackout period, but the current nurse is a "by the rules" operator. Perhaps the shift change will get us back to some flexibility.

It is clear from talking with Tina on the phone that her pain is under reasonable control, but she is still a bit groggy and obviously concerned about the arm. Please keep the good vibes coming and we will let you know as soon as we have more information.


  1. Good morning and continuous thanks for the updates! Sending powerful thoughts, juju and love your way Tina!!

  2. Keep your collective chins up. We are thinking of you and hope there are not too many bumps in the road.

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us posted.

    I am very hopeful that these bumps are just that, bumps.

    We'll be thinking of you during these ups and downs.

    We love you, Tina!

  4. Good morning! It is encouraging to hear Tina has been stable and chatty. It sounds like she is in good hands. God bless!

  5. So, the big picture: all of us on Team Tina--united in purpose and good will, if not geography--are starting the day in a better place than we began yesterday. The evil tumor has been vanquished. Now, we will mobilizie our collective wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts to continue the healing process and carry our Dear One down the road to full recovery.

  6. Tina introduced Jackie to a song sung by Nina Simone. The words seem appropriate today.

    "It's a new dawn; its's a new day; it's a new life for me; and I'm feeling good."

    The song is now one of Jackie's favorites.



  7. Thanks for all the updates. There are always bumps in any road, especially to healing. Tina: When you are ready, let's share a quart of Rocky Road ice cream and enjoy the smooth sweet with the rocky nuts! Mi Sheberach, --Laura

  8. You are all so impressive throughout this and Tina is just "so Tina." We send you love and read each entry with eagerness sharing vicariously with you in Tina's journey. Waiting for the drugs to wear off (but only when they need to) and there is Tina to talk to!! Love to Tina and the entire family.


  9. I just received a note about Tina's surgery and rushed to the blog for an update. Somehow, I was not surprised that Tina (with your help)has turned a serious medical challenge into an opportunity to inform, educate, and share. Tina is certainly in our thoughts at this time.

    Dick Wilson

  10. Prayerfully impressed with your bravery..excited for your speedy recovery..and grateful for your looking out for us who share concern.

    With much love,