Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Real Post after Surgeon Folllow-up Visit

It's another beautiful day here. We see the surgeon for a follow-up visit at 11 and will post after that. Nothing's wrong... we're just waiting to see what the news will be.

Nights are getting better, but still sometimes not as smooth as we're aiming for. I had a burst of energy (probably nicest to call it that) around 3:00 and finally just got up and worked for a while. Ok, for three hours. I made great progress on the student papers (I could read them!) and sent a complete redraft of our counting report off to Kearney. Plus, today's questions for the surgeon are all typed out tidily. (Total overkill, as we know the questions we have.) Sleeping would have been a better choice, it just wasn't one of the options. We're frustrated with the responses we're getting trying to schedule the prescribed physical and occupational therapy, as one place won't even assess me for two more weeks and the other doesn't return our calls. I'm thinking maybe the thing to do is just to re-start my strength training and walking if the surgeon oks it.

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