Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evening in the ICU

Tina has progressed to eating solid food again, albeit quite bland chicken and broccolli and she felt well enough to crab about it.  She had a mild reaction to one of the pain medicines and they have started giving her benadryl to combat the itching and changed up on the meds.  She is resting fitfully and still having pain whenever she moves around at all.  We are coming up to shift change in the ICU so things are likely to get a bit hectic for a while.  Indeed, the ICU is not likely to afford a great night's sleep, but she still needs careful monitoring at this point.

She remains lucid and still amazed at how much of a sense of facility with words has returned after months of thinking advancing age was robbing her of her communication skills.  Giving a 3 hour presentation had become a real chore for her (always has been for me and many others but that is another story) and she is hopeful that she now has a chance to be back to her normal self again.  There is a lot of healing left to do, but at least the interloper is out of her skull.

She has been reading the many lovely comments from you all and found it spirit lifting.  Thanks to all who have sent along their good wishes!


  1. Wonderful news - glad to hear that all went well with Tina's procedure this morning and that she's already feeling a remarkable difference.
    Our continued prayers and thoughts,
    Gene and Ellen

  2. Dear Tina and faimly

    I am so pleased to hear this wonderful news!

    Tell those nurses to be good to all of you - especially before/after change of shift.

    Nurse Ratched - aka, Annette

  3. Tears of relief and joy here. Life is so fragile, so precious, and -- in the case of this beloved friend -- so strong. My love and prayers to all of you.

    I'm glad that someone will be with her. We have recently had a family member in the hospital for almost a week, and so many times, we were glad one of us was there. And yes, things DO get lost at shift change, despite the best of intentions.

    Cathy (& Chris)

  4. This is such, such great news.
    Of course the sure sign of recovery is being able to bash hospital food. That says more than any test.

    Jackie Hedeman

  5. Tina and Family,
    This is fantastic news. Eve and I have been following your posts all day, and are so happy that all has gone well.


  6. I have spent alot of time tonight meditating on the indomitable spirit of Tina. So many times in recent years when I have felt overwhelmed, I have looked to her as an example of someone who was doing it all and making it look so easy and asked her, "How do you do it?" Now we find she was doing it with something the size of a baseball in her head. She was my role model before, now she's my hero.

  7. We are so glad to have this report. Amazing that Tina is feeling herself so quickly. But then Tina is an amazing person. Dick wants to know why she hasn't called yet!

  8. Praise the Lord for His many blessings! You have been in my prayers all day and I am so pleased to read such a wonderful report! Awesome, awesome news! Now, I am going to bed! Good night! ;)