Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Visible Recession in BC

We’ve not toured extensively in our short time here, but we sure aren’t seeing much evidence of the recession in the parts of BC we’ve been. We see a lot of construction, vibrant commercial areas and not much evidence of problems in the narrow slice of life to which we’ve been exposed. Restaurants and hotels are humming, cab drivers say they haven’t seen a big slowdown (in marked contrast to a random selection of US cabdrivers recently), etc.

Tomorrow, other than grading and email, I’m taking the day totally off. Michael has a list of vineyards to visit, so we’re going adventuring. After finishing today (long, long day), we had a lovely dinner at a great chef-owned restaurant, and enjoyed our time together. I’m not sure what I expected (if I ever did) from a relationship of this duration, but I’m positive that such deep and abiding happiness in the presence of another wasn’t in my consciousness. As is our habit, we did a round-up of our domain and feel pretty good about how it all stands: girls good, finances fine, meaningful work we enjoy, great friends and house: life is good.

In many ways, as odd as this might sound, having a brain tumor has brought into sharp focus how great our life is together. In that light, the limitations with which I struggle seem a small price to pay for coming to appreciate the quality of life we enjoy. It seems almost churlish to wish for more. I do, though.

More later.

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