Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aliens In My Brain

The aliens inhabiting my brain are doing strange things at night. Last night, I had a series of recurring dreams with the same new sensory strength that’s been evident in recent weeks: bright colors, loud sounds, sharp odors. The dream played over and over, and then the substance would slip away. This morning, Moon River is playing in a constant loop inside my head. No recent events or interactions jump out as a possible stimulus for either experience, so a shrug and a “that’s odd” seem to be the best approach. We’re exploring how to get continued physical therapy by the simple expedient of paying for it ourselves (thanks, Doug). The importance of that is growing each day as my shoulder tightens up. We’re also lined up to talk with Dr. Thoughtful and the guy we connected with via my brother who is interested in and studying endocrine changes after brain surgery. We’re looking forward to that in the hopes that we might get a bit more guidance than our current trial-and-error experiments.

Today was originally set aside for writing, and I’ve got some pieces outlined that want writing, but my inbox is overflowing and a whole slew of student recommendations have pressing deadliness, so the writing must wait. Here’s hoping it fits in by afternoon. The economy is decimating employment for lawyers, for both law students and for alums who have gone into Big Law. Seeing what’s happening to truly talented people is painful. There’s a huge shift going on in legal circles and I fear we’re nowhere near the end of the process. My part is to try to write letters of recommendation that help people find either new ventures or land as softly as possible.

The in-box and the letters of recommendation are calling... More later.

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  1. So interesting, and fraught that deadlines becomes deadliness with the addition of just one 's.'
    --S. Freud