Monday, October 26, 2009

Live and Learn

A series of decisions that each seemed completely reasonable at the time combined badly yesterday, and reinforced the Endocrine Guy’s wisdom that even the small doses of prednisone I’m taking are making a big difference. We’ve been monitoring the tapering on a weekly basis, seeking a ten percent reduction each week. Since this week brings the last travel of the year (yeah!!!), and today’s a teaching day, we agreed that I’d take the current lowest dose on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was fine, but yesterday, I hit the wall about 8 p.m. and was then completely, totally out of energy. I felt that way all through the night and until I took today’s dose, really. It was odd to know that I was sleeping and still feeling completely depleted, but that sensation as there. So, we’ve learned something more about these balancing acts, and in retrospect, it’s hard to imagine why we didn’t anticipate the effect. But, we didn’t, so on we go.

Lots to do before teaching today to tidy things up before leaving tomorrow. More later.

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