Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Westward Ho...

As this California trip begins, I’m a little apprehensive, and at the same time excited. My world has been tightly constrained for the last four weeks. Since September 10, when I had my surgery, my time has been spent in the hospital, in my house (mostly in my bedroom), at Mettler, and in law school classrooms. I’ve been one or two other places, but not more. Suddenly, a small world expands. A lot. Seeing family members and friends, including those at the university where I’m speaking, is energizing. Travel seems daunting.

Ambivalence like this can be costly. Things we want to do or achieve cost time or energy or involve risk. They can so easily seem overwhelming. Paralyzing, at times. Other times, it is so easy to brush off. Finding balance is the trick—in this, as in so many other areas.

So, forward. Any problem that arises can surely be solved. There will be people to call upon and I’m not short on problem-solving resources. Rest is built into the schedule and Michael and Shea will be there with me on Friday (so as to minimize missed school). I have my noise-cancelling headphones (I wonder if they will go over my sore scalp? I hadn’t even thought about that), plenty of to-read items to shed along the way, my kindle with many books, papers to grade. The week has started well: good occupational and physical therapy sessions, full attendance at both classes (what wonderful students!), strength training and plenty of rest. It has been a strong start. Now, it is up to me to build upon it. Wish me well.

Thank you again for all your caring, support and communication. My progress and forward motion rest on that strong foundation. I hope to be able to repay each of you individually and personally, or if not, by passing along what I’ve received to others. I bombard you with positive thoughts for stellar days.

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