Monday, October 20, 2008

Was the Tortoise Patient or Just Always Moving Forward?

My regular life is within view, if not within grasp. This is frustrating. Given my commitment to Tortoise-dom, I’m making every effort to see this current location in perspective and to be patient with its "features." (This is a reference to the old computer tagline, "it's a feature, not a bug.") Today, I’m not even trying to attain grace, just to achieve some facsimile of patience.

Riding the conveyor belt is limiting, frustrating (have I already mentioned that?), boring at times, isolating, tiring—and the only choice I get right now. We’ve always taught the girls that the only thing you get to choose about some situations is how you respond to them, and that you always get to choose and to control that. Today’s goal is to choose patience and optimism. Wish me luck. May your endeavors be going better than mine are, at least so far.

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