Thursday, October 23, 2008

Attitude Adjustment

Still a work in progress.

My experience suggests the best way to get out of a self-absorbed funk is to do something for someone else. That's my goal for today, amidst digging out of the email backlog and redoing a to-do list for the near future in more sensible terms. A little exercise, also within sensible boundaries should also assist.

May all of you be having stellar days, or at least satisfyingly productive ones.

1 comment:

  1. For me, the old "fake it until you feel it" maxim works amazingly well. Somehow, doing just this tricks my brain into thinking I really am happier, smarter, wiser, sweeter, and saner than I wake up feeling some days.

    And since it never hurts to hear it from those who know us as well as (dare I say, sometimes better than) we know ourselves--you have indeed, dear friend, been courageous, perseverant, patient and graceful in the face of a dauntingly scary and deceitful enemy--the body that betrays us.

    So do as I say (even if I don't always follow my own advice so well)--be gentle and kind and forgiving to yourself--even the part of you that has run out of patience and can't seem to find any way to "reframe" this day's challenges as gifts in disguise. :-)

    Plus, it never hurts to eat fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with a HUGE glass of ice cold milk, in my experience--so let me know if a delivery is in order.

    Your sometime partner in crime. L.