Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Glass is Filling Up

We’ve been having a family weekend, visiting with Kearney and Brad, enjoying our time together and eating some truly great meals. Yesterday’s post never happened, but if it had, it would have been titled “Siesta Lifestyle. Minus the Lifestyle” (all I do is stop and nap, it feels like), but Kearney pointed out that it’s a pretty nice lifestyle to visit and eat and nap. That’s true—it makes for a great weekend, though even there the undone chores beckon. It makes for a little less great everyday life, especially if getting anything done is part of the concept. Even so, taking a retrospective look, more things are getting done, and the recovery continues at a steady pace.

If I think of this blog as a record of recovery (and not just self-absorbed drivel), it helps. The progress is all in the positive direction and the distance come is long. The only real remaining big challenges (other than stamina) are balance, the scalp issues and not being able to summon words/ideas sometimes. Otherwise, the use of my shoulder and arm are almost complete, though there is still some work to be done. I still haven’t looked up the effects of the brain moving around to refill the tumor void, and hope there will be a time soon when I both remember and am sitting at the computer. It strikes me that there may be some information out there that would explain some of how recent times have been.

After the big reassessment, the next activities to be added back in need to be the book I have under contract, and projects that involve others being slowed down by my absence. All adding back in will come in small steps, as I think (hope) I’ve absorbed and learned the overdoing lesson.

We all send good wishes for your weekend and the upcoming week.

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  1. "’s a pretty nice lifestyle to visit and eat and nap."

    yep. i count it as a good day when i can work in a nap, even 5 minutes, and i haven't had brain surgery.