Friday, January 8, 2010

Carolyn Foust Gunsalus March 1923-January 8, 1970

Forty years is a long time. As with last year, I’m still puzzled by why the day has such a grasp and why the awareness of it sticks so thoroughly. If I hadn’t looked at last year’s post yesterday, there might be more to say, except that the ground seems pretty thoroughly covered.

In central Illinois today, the day is bright, clear and gorgeous--if you’re inside, as it’s bitter cold. I’m making excruciatingly slow progress on a complicated project this week, just as I did a week or so ago on trying to pull some ideas together. In both cases, I spent way longer than the tasks should have taken, but this seems to be the pace at which I work these days. It’s really frustrating and I feel particularly dense and slow. On the other hand, progress keeps inching forward, and this seems to be the new me, so it is what it is. One foot in front of the other…

In exciting news, one of Shea’s friends is in an architecture program and he drew up a sketch of the roof of our house, the geometry of which has always escaped me. (To be fair, it’s escaped Michael and others, as well, as it’s interesting and complicated. This isn’t an example of my new doltishness; there are plenty of others.) The reason the geometry of our roof is interesting? A project I want to pursue is building a scale (1:144) model of our house, and while I have the rest of it more or less under control, though there are lots of fiddly bits that will undoubtedly be complicated, I’ve never started because the roof was an insurmountable obstacle. But now, with the drawings he did in Google’s sketchup (very cool), maybe there’s a way forward. If only I can get ready for the semester, first…

Happy Friday.

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