Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beginning to Make Sense

Growing up, my father was pretty much incapable of saying anything directly positive to us, probably as a result of how he’d grown up. (Explanation, not excuse: he was old enough to have learned a more appropriate way to act, and he never bothered.) As a result, the signal for approbation was the phrase “she’s beginning to make sense.” Or, “you’re beginning to make sense.” So, after the initial energy exertion of this week was over with the two classes on Monday, I’m pleased to report that not only am I beginning to make sense, I did make sense in the new class I’m designing. (In case you’re curious, I never, ever, not once, heard from my father that I’d made sense, but I’m assigning the accolade to myself.) I “done good” on Monday. The first class was a success all around, in the approach, timing, content… you name it, it made sense. That felt good and laid a great foundation for the rest of the semester. Now, all I have to do is pull it off.

The week is hurtling along and there’s more to do than time to do it, not to mention available energy. Since I’ve spent so much time writing about issues and challenges, it seemed only right to note something that went really, really well and felt good, too.

Onwards and upwards.

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