Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Minor Epiphany

First, isn’t today a great day for our country? For all of us? I cannot remember the last time we stopped our regular activities to watch the inauguration. Today, we watched all of it and were proud and moved and happy. We’re ready to do our part in a new era of responsibility.

Otherwise, it’s time to say to many of you: You were right. Please do not titter too much. Please note, though, how this belated insight reinforces my feeling that all is not well up there.

Walking into my occupational therapy this morning, it occurred to me that if the shoulder muscles and structure aren’t healed yet, and the skin on my scalp scar isn’t healed yet, why on earth am I expecting my brain to be fully healed by now? It has more work to do, since it not only must reoccupy its rightful space but also reestablish neural pathways. This thought has led to me re-setting my internal timer, although probably not my impatience. Next, my expectations need to be reset. That might take a bit more work, and it’s my new goal.

We have a new target in occupational therapy, the pectoralis minor muscle. It seems extraordinarily tight, and probably explains why the range of my right arm has been so limited lately. Its range of motion backwards was limited even before the surgery, and became more so afterwards. Lately, though, the range has become even more restricted. We worked some with it in OT today, which resulted in the first pain that’s been involved in months. Focusing on that muscle reignited the tingling in my fingers as well as headaches. Afterwards, we watched the inauguration, but then the energy gave out again and for the first time in some while, I needed a nap on a work day. (Weekends never count for napping.) Probably, I won’t try to go out again today, which had been my original plan. See how well my new insights are taking?

Back to work. Happy new era to all.

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