Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If Thinking is so Tiring, Why Doesn’t It Burn Calories?

Like so many fad diets, the effects of the Brain Tumor Diet are fleeting. Although it produced an immediate weight loss in the range of 10 pounds, I now again weigh exactly what I did on the morning of surgery. On the other hand, my understanding is that some people are happy with an immediate, quick loss, so maybe the diet book author community still has an edge they can use to sell this diet?

In the PT assessment for continuation, I was able to do single leg balances (eyes open—closed eyes are much harder) for a minute each, without touching a foot down during that time. This gain is enormous for me. While it’s great, it doesn’t have much to do with stability while walking, which is the next goal.

Posts may be sparse for the next few days, given the obligations they include; in this new husbanding-my-energy phase, I may need to concentrate on those obligations alone and getting rest. I hope your week goes well.

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