Friday, November 7, 2008

Batteries Recharging

The tortoise concept has been pushed pretty hard these past two months and, eventually, it stimulated curiosity on my part about the creatures. A few interesting tidbits: tortoises thermoregulate by sunning themselves; their main activities are sleeping and eating; and in the wild they hibernate. Also, they're said to be very curious. This all sounds a lot like me, so the metaphor might be a better one than I’d imagined.

Meanwhile, life flows on. I took my second trip this week, this one to Sarasota, and again the travel went very smoothly. I’m learning, slowly, so the schedule had a lot of rest time built into it. I arrived the night before, got a great night’s sleep and then had a magical few hours sitting in the sun watching the Gulf of Mexico. That was civilized and rejuvenating. The group was quick, interactive, fun and appreciative. No significant travel delays or disasters. (It seems to be true, by the way, that the pins in my head don't cause any issues at all for the security/scanners in airports.) Good trip, though, as usual, my overall energy level is/was very low. The batteries are recharging, but they are also emulating tortoises, so the progress is slower than I'd like. Nothing new there.

All told, my recovery has seen a small setback from my dad’s death and the surrounding events. While I was mostly weaned from the drugs before (except the dilantin, as a prophylactic against seizures), the headaches are back so we reintroduced the vicodin, especially at night. My right shoulder and arm are locking up again, though with exercise and taping, that’s improving. My balance is still unpredictable at times and needs continuing work. Still have little memory and cognitive hiccups. Etc. Kearney and I will do a complete retrospective on Monday, which marks two months since the surgery. Put in that light, everything is going remarkably well, which is worth remembering. What a strange journey it has all been. And continues to be.

Kearney’s post yesterday about the amazing events of this week put it as well as I ever could. So, let’s stand on her words and I’ll go back to recharging my energy and rebuilding my strength. The weekend approaches and weekends are good. Cheers to all.

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