Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The big sigh you probably heard all the way where you are was mine. After a long day Monday that started early, included three stressful meetings and the (three-hour) class session where I recruit volunteers (18 magnificent folks this semester) to come negotiate with my students, and then dinner at our house for colleagues, I was fine Tuesday morning. I went out in the world and did things, had appointments, solved problems, until coming home mid afternoon. Actually, it felt pretty virtuous and balance-seeking to plan and then carry out coming home by then, so on top of getting things done, I was feeling pretty good about the world. All was going just fine, I was catching up on email and paperwork... right up until about 3:30 when I hit the energy wall, hard. After sleeping for several hours, I had a small dinner, watched the president… and then went back to bed again until this morning.

This may sound odd, but I’m really hoping I’m sick.

The negotiation session with volunteers went exceptionally well this semester, except that for the first time ever, I had two no-shows, when I’ve never, not once, had even one no-show in the past. Plus, in the new building, the travel time to quiet places for each pair to negotiate was longer than I’d figured on given past experience. Lots to learn about managing this in my new setting.

Speaking of which, two of the meetings in the past few days were connected to my new assignments/environment. What a pleasure those were, focused on shared goals and problem-solving. It’s hard to describe the difference, except that these experiences didn’t have any of the built-in friction of my previous home, especially around doing things for classes. Some of the problems in the new setting are hard and complicated, and every single person I deal with seems focused on solving them, even with all their complexity. The good will is palpable, and goodness, how pleasant it is.

Off to take my temperature. Please hope I have a fever.

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