Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slow-Mo and Dense

Monday and Tuesday, I had thoughts, made connections and generally felt strong. Yesterday and today, it feels like events are all in slow motion and I’m swimming through mud. I feel duller and don’t as easily make connections. One way seems to be “your brain on steroids” and the other seems to be “your brain with insufficient stimulation of the adrenal system.” Things are definitely better on the steady state lower dose than I’d feared, but they’re still not right. It’s frustrating. It would be easier to find the sunny side of life if the sun were actually shining today, but the sunny side is still there and I’m looking for it. It’s helping that, as I write, Michael is reading the sale flyers for the hardware stores in town, and he’s having a fine old time, circling important things at very good prices.

Why we need another dolly/hand cart is beyond me, but I’m sure there are critical features on the ones he’s focusing in on that I don’t fully appreciate. And, Kearney will especially enjoy this, it’s apparently time to switch to the winter windshield wiper blades and he’s found a really good price on some, so he’s as happy as a pig in mud. Until I met Michael and his dad, I had no idea about the seasonality of such things, nor the key difference in features on items, frankly, I’d never considered for a moment. How naive I was in those younger, carefree days. Windshield wiper blades are of the utmost importance and their selection and installation solemn matters worthy of serious deliberation and special care. As icing on the cake, fluorescent bulbs are on sale, too. See? There is always good to be found when you look for it.

Back at the Big U, change is happening. So far, the signs are encouraging.

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  1. Guess we know now what you're getting for your birthday. --Jill