Friday, August 14, 2009

Time Accelerating

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Friday, when we got home late Sunday/early Monday. Monday was consumed with re-entry tasks: laundry, mail, getting the house back in order after floor refinishing and an extended occupation by our teenage daughter, etc. On top of that was the office move and the pile of accumulated stuff while we were gone that can only be done in Urbana. All of a sudden, it is Friday.

Home is a good place to be. Being with Shea, in our own house, seeing good friends, with the dogs around, is all good. Right now, though, is a horribly difficult time in other arenas. It’s not something I’m going to write about until I’ve resolved what I’m going to do because I will not be the only one to bear the effects of some of the possible--and attractive--courses of action. Thus, I’m trying to figure out how to speak out in a way that is responsible, professional and appropriate, and not just out of emotion.

Tomorrow (well, Monday, in reality), my new life in Business officially starts. There will also be an appointment in Medicine, though the paperwork for that seems to be lagging. The projects there are interesting and energizing and the start of a new semester is always fun. I’m trying some new stuff in a class I’ve taught many times before and designing a completely new class for Spring. I have some reviews and commentaries to finish, and of course, there’s always the book, on which making further progress this semester is a primary goal. All the projects, new and old, should be contributing to positive neural pathway growth, so getting back to 100%, or something near to it, becomes possible.

For now, off to physical therapy.

It’s Friday!

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