Monday, March 16, 2009

One Foot in Front of the Other

Thank you, good friends, for asking what’s been going on since the pattern of posts has been disrupted. Things have been a little grey here, though they’re improving as the sunshine increases—and just in time, too, as we’re in the most intense part of my semester. Law, medicine and business teaching all overlap in this period, as all three places of course run on different schedules. Plus, the memorial service approaches on March 28, with all the attendant details to arrange.

On the bright side, my in-box is still mostly clear, and I get a lift every time I look at it. Plus, seeing it cleaned up reinforces keeping it that way, so for once the incentives and the likely actions are aligned. It’s not like eating or exercise or their ilk. I still want to sign up for the program where I could devote myself to life’s tedium non-stop for a concentrated period and then have the rest of the year off. This would include exercising, portion control in eating, cleaning and organizing the house, etc. I’d be glad to work hard at these tasks for a stipulated period if there was a longer time where none of it mattered.

We have an appointment for a consultation with a specialist on Wednesday who we’re advised might be able to suggest specific programs to aid in overcoming the remaining cognitive, energy and motion deficits; and we’re hopeful about that. He gets rave reviews for being thoughtful and a physician friend who recommended him went to lengths to connect with the guy, say we were going to call, etc. By the time I got home and called the office, even the office staff had been alerted to expect our call and got us in quickly. Cross your fingers for great things to follow.

On the weekend, I worked on assembling the slide show of scanned photos for the memorial service. The sweep of my father’s life was amazing, when viewed in this kind of retrospective and it’s increased the charity in my heart for all that will surround this event. May that persist. When the slide show is in better shape, we’ll post it somewhere on the web, as it seems wise to let people see it in advance of the event and to be able to suggest edits.

Thanks for your notes and caring. The advent of Spring and sunshine are bound to make things here better soon.

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