Monday, March 9, 2009

In-Box Progress; Recovery Stagnant

My email in-box is almost completely clear space! In the end, I didn't have the nerve to archive everything older than one month, but did file (without reviewing) anything from before surgery. Clearing up the rest took much less time and effort than I'd feared, especially once it was underway. There's a good rhythm to moving in that mode, when it can be summoned up. If only it happened along when weeding files, closets, surplus-to-requirements possessions, etc. Pitching still just isn't feasible given my heritage (combination of nature and nurture) and eco-instincts. Those still usable things need homes and that takes energy. However, concentrating on the strategy of cutting myself more breaks and generally being more forgiving and graceful of myself and others, this is the moment to savor the clean in-box, not cavil about other shortcomings. In the midst of this project, I also turned off the "mail has arrived" signal as another step along the path of my ever-continuing quest to become productive again on writing projects. Fortunately, I got all the electronic stuff done before the massive power outage in town yesterday that shut down the entire university and all their servers for many hours.

In the midst of savoring this real progress, there was a rude reminder of the symptoms lingering from tumor and surgery. We went to a wonderful birthday celebration for a dear friend. It was a great party with lots of people we were glad to see, terrific food and atmosphere. And it produced serious sensory overload, even in the midst of enjoyment. The fatigue came on like hitting a brick wall, along with loss of balance, full use of my arm, the whole deal. Happily, things seem back on firmer ground today, but it was an unpleasant reminder of just how far there is to go and how slow the progress might be.

Today is a teaching day-and all the grading needs to be done as well since email was down from just before the papers were due until past bedtime. It looks like another advice column will come out this week, as the editor and I exchanged final revisions to the next in the queue. Another week is underway. Happy Monday.

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