Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Bubble

Finally, the big project is on the verge of being announced, probably later this week, so that limitation on writing will be reduced soon, which will be a relief. In the meantime, I’ve been feeling that this is a particularly happy phase of life. Bad things have happened before and I’m sure will again, but this moment feels all wonderful. Life is comfortable, the girls are healthy and thriving, the weather is beautiful, Michael and I get to spend a lot of time together, we have great friends, the work is interesting and challenging, the dogs are sweet and fun.

As a bonus, we have access all the time to hot water on demand. The weather has started to turn so yesterday was chilly at home and in buildings around campus--the heat isn’t on anywhere this early in the autumn. As I luxuriated in the hot water in the shower the other day, it seemed almost miraculous and so easy to take for granted. Do very many things make that difference in daily quality of life, though?

My travel is cranking up again, and since I put everything off during the heavy teaching month of September, the other months are fuller. Normally, I limit travel to twice a month, but I seem to have wavered here and there in booking this fall. I’m not exactly sure how that happens; bound to be some interesting psychological fault line that rationalizes, overlooks and explains away how it will work in the future, no matter how much I regret it when the moment arrives.

While it may be a bubble and may be fleeting, I’m really enjoying this stretch of my life and hoping I can hold on to the thought about how it feels when the challenges crank up again, as they are bound to do at some point. Even writing about how good this patch is feels a little like tempting fate, but Michael doesn’t believe any of that superstitious stuff and advocates for enjoying what there is to enjoy. I’m trying his approach today (and crossing my fingers, hoping it doesn’t come back and get me). May you find pleasures, large or small, in your day. Cheers.

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