Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wax on the Floor [written in the morning; posted at night]

Remember being told to be careful what you wished for, because you might get it? I’m in that situation right now, though in a good way. It will be a few more days at this level of activity and then things should calm down. I hope. Within a week or maybe two after that, the final decision on the project should be made, and then things will switch into a another, better mode. I hope. Christopher Hitchens has recently been quoted as saying that he burned the candle at both ends for many years, and it made a lovely glow. The glow doesn’t seem all that lovely to me, at least in this stage of the burn, but we’ll see how it turns out later.

Anyway, I’m still here and still thinking about writing every day; things are just too hectic right now to be able to get to it. I’ve thought interesting thoughts I’d like to explore with you about the expert eye that sees things that others don’t, and about taking back the pious thoughts I expressed last year about paying better attention to the signals my body sends in the future after this experience; it turns out not to be possible, nor probably very sensible. Now, for example, all kinds of weird things are going on around the edges, all of which I attribute to being tired. What else could it possibly be? In retrospect, all the early warning signals of brain tumor were sufficiently vague and distributed that even if I had paid better attention, I’m not sure what it would have yielded me. Before I run for this day’s sprint, why didn’t anyone ever tell me about shiritaki noodles before? They’re filling and have no calories and no carbs. It’s a great way to manage portion control, which is one of my most difficult challenges.

Off for another day at the races. Thanks for writing and inquiring, and most of all, for caring.

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