Friday, July 3, 2009

Off Adventuring

Michael and I are off on our adventure to the Loire Valley. Not sure what kind of network connections we’ll find, so this might be the last post until next week. It’s a good weekend to take off, as it matches the US vacations my work correspondents are taking; even if I’m not on my email, I won't be letting people down, as they won’t be on their email either, most of them.

Consistent with my general slow-hare transition in life, we’re breaking many of the “rules” about this trip. We haven’t read up extensively on the area we’re visiting. This was an unbreakable rule of my mother’s, who always liked to know everything about a place so she could view it with an educated eye. This, of course, heightens enjoyment at the destination, but can also place a fairly heavy burden/price beforehand. There is a little residual guilt about breaking this rule, as it's generally so valuable, but there you go. We're working through it. Actually, this means I fret and Michael says "it's all fine, don't worry." It works for us. We haven’t mapped out a route. Etc. We’re just going. We have clothes, we have credit cards, we’ve packed food and water for the drive, we have music and an audio book, we have friends on the other end, and most of all, we have each other. Put that way, what else could we need? Oh, yes, the weather is glorious today. It's all good.

We wish you a great Fourth of July weekend, and we hope to hear from you. Truly, the eclectic community of correspondents this blog has collected has and is enriching our lives. We enjoy the perspectives and we enjoy the contact.

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