Saturday, May 23, 2009


The promised post about Shea is still in development as we approach her high school graduation tomorrow. It took more time than expected to finish up all the pressing loose ends once the semester was finally (finally) over. All the big deadlines were met (hooray!) and now the workload is back to a more reasonable level. The summer looks promising indeed. We’re picking up Kearney so she can come to the graduation, and it might now be as late as Monday or Tuesday before it can be completed in a form fitting the subject.

The time Michael and I spent at Crystal Lake Park between the hospital and home has been on my mind this weekend. It was a pause between two segments of existence. In some ways, this weekend--in a much nicer way, of course--is a pause between Shea’s high school years, not quite done until tomorrow, and what comes next. I pulled some pictures on our way out the door, and it is a reasonably representative selection of Shea over the years.

Thinking about the last year brought to mind the thought that even in the brain tumor arena, I’m a pretty serious overachiever. On the other hand, as Michael and I were talking about it this morning, there are lots of good things about that: we didn’t have to agonize over what treatment to pursue, or when. The answers were clear, our path was straightforward and we had no questions then, or regrets now. Those are luxuries you don’t often come by and we’re grateful for them. The replacement cortisol continues to work its magic and we’re so very happy for that. We see the prescribing doctor again on Tuesday and we’re looking forward to learning the next step. Meanwhile, onto the rest of the weekend and whatever comes next.

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